I’ve been eating since I came out of the womb, naturally. I was that kid ordering olives and tomatoes with blue cheese, no lettuce, and shrimp francais at the same restaurant weekly. That kid who mixed peanut butter and vanilla ice cream together at 9 am every Sunday while watching Blue Clues (#throwback). That kid who grew up with her all Italian grandma shoving meatballs onto her plate even after exclaiming that she was full for the fiftieth time… and that kid who ate whole bags of Dorito’s in one sitting while watching Miss Congeniality on repeat.

Maybe I’ve gotten a little healthier since then. I’ve learned to make my grandmother’s meatballs and shove them onto my friends plates even after they say they’re full. I actually eat lettuce now, and have swapped the vanilla ice cream for a beautiful combination of mint ice cream with strawberries and peanut butter. I still love Miss Congeniality and can safely say I haven’t watched Blue’s Clues since elementary school… I mean, Joe did make it lame, no?

I eat everywhere. I eat everything. I’m a Long Island food fanatic who loves her cat, and will probably talk about her (her name is Cassie!) a bit too much. I cook and I sometime’s clean up my messes. I love food. It is a passion, and I’m here to share my experiences with you. Eating all over New York, and occasionally outside of it, enjoy my blog! Please subscribe, and thanks for reading!


Me, in the bouncy castle of breasts- Museum of Sex.


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