Kiku Sushi Family

Now when I say that this place is my absolute favorite sushi joint, I really do mean it. It’s a small, unassuming restaurant on the corner of Broadway in Massapequa, New York. You walk in, get greeted by the two sushi chefs behind the sushi counter with a smile, and get seated relatively quickly. I’ve been going to this restaurant for about 7 years. It is my families go to, and the name isn’t wrong. I always feel like family… but maybe it’s because they know who I am. I’m not obsessed or anything like that.

When you sit down, they hand you a menu. They give you plenty of time to browse through the 93 (give or take a few) speciality rolls. I have had most of them and am quickly working my way to eating them all. They have rolls literally served on fire (Blaze Rolls) and Mountain Rolls and Towered rolls and everything in between. Below are some of my favorites!

Roll Kiku– The OG. My first love. It is a banana, crab tempura, cucumber roll with spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail, and masago on top.
Maple Roll- Spicy tuna cucumber, jalapeno roll with mango, avocado crunch, scallion, crab, and masago on top.
Ocean Roll- eel, crab, cucumber roll with salmon, yellowtail on top
Boston Party- This is my go to roll when I just want to eat something with lots of fat. Deep fried shrimp, crab, avocado, cream chose roll with crab salad on top
Blaze #3- spicy tuna, avocado roll with mango, tuna, and eel… ON FIRE. What. (video’s below!)

Along with the most amazing rolls I’ve eaten in my life, the menu has tons of Japanese specialties, including Negimaki (beef wrapped scallions), tartare (*my boyfriend’s fave!), tempura, Nabiyaki Udon, and Naruto rolls (for the ones who don’t want rice- it is wrapped in cucumber).

Kiku also gives you a free appetizer when you sit down to eat. Think about it. Free appetizer, the world’s best sushi… I think it’s well worth the trip, don’t you?


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